Friday, July 9, 2010

Unforced errors

Wingnut trolls that show up over at Mike's place (or used to, haven't seen them in quite a while, mercifully) would often sneer about how all of us moonbats were so in the tank for Obama and how we thought he was the Obamamessiah, and yada, yada, and would cackle with delight at our anger and disappointment with the current state of Democratic governance. So I enjoyed the following "disclaimer" at the beginning of this post from Jacob Davies at Obsidian Wings:
First, some disclaimers. I think Barack Obama was clearly the best choice of the Democratic primary candidates, and because I wasn't repeatedly dropped on my head as a baby, I think he was clearly better than the McCain/Palin ticket, in much the same way that a nice hot cup of tea is "better" than having your home planet destroyed by the Death Star.

Still, not everything has gone quite according to plan, and I think some problems could have been avoided.
I agree with everything on his list, but I think he overlooked a couple: I would have included Obama's "Look forward, not back" policy with regard to the war crimes committed by the Bush administration, and his decision to cede the public option in back-room negotiations with the insurance industry at the beginning of the health care reform debate.

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