Monday, July 26, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday, Heydave!

I can't believe I missed heydave's birthday. Especially since, after I missed it LAST YEAR, I have had it on my calendar with even a reminder a week ahead. Except that I apparently got the date wrong. So there you go. But don't feel too badly for him - heydave does have friends who know how to do a Happy Birthday and do it RIGHT!

Still, I must make amends. When I asked him how he has been celebrating his birthday, he told me he's been painting his house (yeah! That's certainly what comes to MY mind when I think, How shall I celebrate my birthday?) and since we know now how much of a Hopper fan heydave is, this painting came to mind:

Now I know that this is a painting OF a house, but since I couldn't find a painting of Painting A House, this is the next best thing which is a painting of a house that heydave should probably feel good that he doesn't have to paint. Happy Belated Birthday, heydave!


heydave said...

And train tracks! Mmmmm........


Julie said...

I was looking for the Like to click on. I think I've been on Facebook too much.