Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Day After

Well, we weathered that storm! Anyone have any great teabagging stories to tell? For the sanity-oriented, Mike points us to this great rundown of truthyness about US tax policy.

On Texas Public Radio this morning, a woman who attended the San Antonio event told a reporter: "Why does Obama want to shred the Constitution? I mean, what gives him the right to spend money like that??" I guess she didn't get the memo:
His flyer also contains tips to keep protesters from embarrassing themselves in other ways. For instance, he warns potential attendees that "[n]etroots interviewers might ask leading questions about immigration, President Obama, etc., to bait you into making comments they can paint as racist [and] might also ask questions designed to show you are uneducated and ignorant."
Darn that crafty liberal media.

UPDATE: I think that, for most of them, the memo wouldn't do any good anyway.

Meanwhile, The Blogess (who I discovered to my eternal gratitude via the ever-wonderful World O' Crap) has a traumatic experience at HEB.


capmconnundrum said...

Poster board: $3

Paint Markers: $7

Tea Bags: $4

A giant media conglomerate ginning up a fake "grass-roots" movement: $600,000

The people who fall for it: Clueless

heydave said...

"Tea bagging stories" alone should garner you more hits than Craigslist!

Ricky Bones said...

Bring out the pitch forks and save the rich!!!

Freewheel said...

I sure hope these anti-socialist "tea-baggers" will refuse Social Security and any other gov't benefits they may be entitled to. When the time comes, they better stick with their private health insurance instead of going with the Obama program. They can turn to FoxNews for all their essential needs. Maybe they can get Glenn Beck to patch their potholes and collect their garbage.

AnnPW said...

Yeah, not likely FW. I recently had a conversation with a teabagger (and I love this new word for them!) over at Mike's blog who was ranting about Obama's "pork spending" but adamantly demanding vouchers so he could send his kids to the charter school of his choice.

Ruth said...

Favorite sign at my local courthouse gang; 'Taxes Is Stealing'

now don't embarrass yourself!