Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Steve Benen:
You don't suppose Rove has identified some of his (and Bush's) biggest faults, and is simply projecting them on to the Obama White House, do you?

I think one of the things I'll remember most about the GWB years is the emperor-has-no-clothes surreal experience of seeing such fawning press coverage of such an obviously empty suit. Even now, eight long years and massive carnage later, some are just beginning to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, Dub wasn't so great. Yet here we are, still subjected to the indignity of being lectured on the Art of Governance by the likes of Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, fergawdsake.


Ruth said...

I believe Mike Gerson writing on Pres. Obama is the worst. How anything even called a newspaper could hire this ultimate hack is beyond my understanding, and I loved Dan Froomkin canning him yesterday in The WaPo where he appears to do his dog and pony show. Yay for Froomkin!
(And I blogged about that with excerpts from Froomkin yesterday.)

Ricky Bones said...


Hey, anyone see this?


AnnPW said...

Hi Ricky - yes, I saw that. We grow our wingnuts extra nutty down here, don't we.

I saw that post of yours, Ruth, and liked it. Looks like the WaPo is attempting to deal with the George Will nonsense too, if only marginally.

Ricky Bones said...

How goes it down that way? Ready for the weekend? I know I am :-)

Mike Thomas said...

This is funny:

State Representative Betty Brown, after suggesting to an Asian
American to consider changing their names to something more American,
has decided to lead by example and change her name.

"I wanted to change my name to reflect the values and the racial
diversity of the republican party. So from now on my name will be Lily

Ricky Bones said...

Good one Mike!

Maybe she can change her face so that it's easier on my eyes. :-)

Ricky Bones said...

Oh BOY! Anyone see this?

I think the word they are looking for is, "D'oh!"