Sunday, April 5, 2009


No, not Them!, Them:

Blame it on Donna and Mike, who have prompted flashbacks to my preteen years:

And what started it all (by "it" I mean this post):


heydave said...

In case you didn't ask, Gloria was my childhood friend/neighbor's sister, the girl who taught me how to French kiss.

Good times.

Mike Thomas said...

My introduction to Van Morrison came when I picked up a used copy of his Moondance album at Half Price Books when I was in college. Years later I would get a greatest hits CD that included Gloria and Baby Please Don't Go, but I remained sadly ignorant of "Them" beyond that.
Lately, however, I've had fun "discovering" great 60s bands such as Small Faces, Humble Pie, Paul Revere and The Raiders and Sir Douglas Quintet. So now I will check out Them as well.

AnnPW said...

Music aficionados in my crowd used to get a big kick out of bands that we had danced to when we were, like, 12 and they were Top 40 hits on AM radio becoming retro-cool amongst the "kids" when we were in our now-we're-so-grown-up 20's. Gawd, we were insufferable music snobs - Now I love all of it!