Friday, April 24, 2009

Mainstream Voices, Some

It's not just the DFH anymore; Paul Krugman:
Some of them probably just don’t want an ugly scene; my guess is that the president, who clearly prefers visions of uplift to confrontation, is in that group. But the ugliness is already there, and pretending it isn’t won’t make it go away.

Others, I suspect, would rather not revisit those years because they don’t want to be reminded of their own sins of omission.

For the fact is that officials in the Bush administration instituted torture as a policy, misled the nation into a war they wanted to fight and, probably, tortured people in the attempt to extract “confessions” that would justify that war. And during the march to war, most of the political and media establishment looked the other way.

It’s hard, then, not to be cynical when some of the people who should have spoken out against what was happening, but didn’t, now declare that we should forget the whole era — for the sake of the country, of course.

Sorry, but what we really should do for the sake of the country is have investigations both of torture and of the march to war. These investigations should, where appropriate, be followed by prosecutions — not out of vindictiveness, but because this is a nation of laws.

We need to do this for the sake of our future. For this isn’t about looking backward, it’s about looking forward — because it’s about reclaiming America’s soul.


Jimmy K. said...

You gonna put Nancy P. and Harry R. in the slammer too. They knew what was going on and you know they knew.

AnnPW said...

If that is proven in a court of law, then that is where they belong. Righties will squeal like stuck pigs that this pressing for accountability is all about "partisanship" but it is not.

Ricky Bones said...

Pelosi and Reid are just as culpable in this mess. I am with Ann on this.

Ricky Bones said...

Hey Ann, have you seen this?

AnnPW said...

Thanks, Ricky. Yes, Gov. Perry has caught a lot of heat for his crazy secessionist blather. The yahoo base loves him for it, though.

Ricky Bones said...

I can imagine it got him major points! Funny how these types misconstrue the 10th Amendment when it comes to this issue, YET, when you show them how it relates in State's Rights on issues such as regulating guns and each state setting their own laws pertaining to them, they believe the 10th Amendment is wrong.

They cherry pick and when called on it, they can only say things like I won't interpret it for you, it's plain as day, read for yourself. Just too funny!