Thursday, April 23, 2009

I guess the message is: "I Hate Everybody"!

Capconundrum sent me this picture of a homegrown intellectual at our local gathering of teabaggers:

Gotta love the suit. Yes, here in Texas, not all our wingnuts are colorfully porcine blowhards like TexasFred; some are well-groomed and wear Very Serious Expressions of Consternation.


heydave said...

I believe the gentleman is considering the ill effects of bran overdose in the morning, adding to his list of concerns.

Freewheel said...

The sign makes no sense. During the American Revolution, "Tory" was a disparaging label applied to anyone in favor of remaining a colony of Britain. Is he saying that Republicans are in favor of taxation without representation? (that's literally true with respect to the GOP position on D.C. congressional representation, but I assume he's not talking about that)

AnnPW said...

Congratulations, FW - you are among the many who noticed that the sign makes no sense! Most of us in "reality-based community" believe that, for wingnuts, "not making sense" is a feature rather than a bug.