Friday, October 9, 2009

Let's keep it up!

To all of you who responded to my TexasFred post below and the email I sent out to many of you, thank you! Today, Fred is ranting again and has posted another article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Mayor Ward and his joining the effort to close the gun show loophole. Fred even admits to being the person identified in the article as one Fred Witzell, whom poor Mayor Ward now says he "regrets" having called "dumb and ugly". I'm sorry he regrets that. Anyway, Fred ends his post today with this entreaty to us:
I hope ALL of you will go to the original story from the Star-Telegram and voice your wonderful opinions, let them know what YOU think of Mayor Richard Ward and his stand with MAIG!
Okay then! Let's let Mayor Ward and the Star-Telegram hear from us!

1 comment:

Fred is a Liar said...

I know Fred. The mayor did not need to apologize because he got the facts wrong. If you catch my drift.