Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The state of criminal law in Texas is, well, criminal.

Even publius, who is himself a law professor in Texas and therefore has been exposed to his full share of scoundrelism that our fair state is notorious for, is taken aback by the sheer sucktitude of Todd Willingham's defense attorney, David Martin. Martin has apparently seen fit to take to the airwaves recently and is certainly mounting a more vigorous defense of himself than that which he provided his client. To publius' comment:
Anyway, here you go people -- this is the face of criminal defense in Texas.
I would only add one qualification: This is the face of criminal defense of poor people in Texas. As is true in most places, if you've got money and/or influence, you can buy your way out of the death penalty. I think we should call it the George W. Bush Rule, formerly known as the O. J. Simpson Rule.


Donna said...

I have to say there are a lot of crummy lawyers out there, and Texas should pay for a better defender's system -- there's no doubt about it. But you'd have to look pretty hard to find something as bad as this. Even in Texas.

AnnPW said...

Thanks Donna - good to see you. I hope this means you're feeling better!