Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's show some libber luv

After I wrote that last post, I sent off a quick email to Mr. Ward of Hurst, Texas, with a link to my blog and a "Kudos!" and asked him where I can send money to his reelection campaign. Here's the response I got this morning:

I wish you were here. I would give you a big bear hug. I really needed your very kind email.

I have really taken a beating today from a group of bloggers. They are just like fire ants and never stop attacking. I will add your name to my list of supporters. The election is in May of 2010.

Richard Ward
Fire ants, huh. Well, I say let's show Mayor Ward that there are sane people who have taken notice of his brave and principled position and fully stand behind his efforts to bring some badly-needed Reason to the discussion of gun control in our country. You can send him an email at: or And tell him I sent you!

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