Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

Did anyone notice that yesterday the Senate Finance Committee voted down two amendments to the Baucus bill that would have provided a public option but voted IN an amendment to fund abstinence-only sex education? We need better Democrats.

Yesterday, I saw a winger make a snide reference to the "Imaginary Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" on a comment thread somewhere. It seems to me that the group that spawned the birther nuts and pitched a major hissy fit over the President's televised speech to school children because they said it was some sort of communist plot to "indoctrinate" them to his "socialist agenda" is not really in a legitimate position to judge the merits of any conspiracy theory.

Speaking of hissy fits, now it's the Obama's trip to Copenhagen to advocate for the Olympics to be held in Chigago. Good God. I swear, Obama could find a cure for cancer tomorrow and these idiots would find a way to pitch a hissy fit about it.

UPDATE: Digby reminds us that she deserves some credit for coining the term "hissy fit" with regard to this kind of rightwing behavior, and her post is really interesting and includes a link to give some support to Alan Grayson for his courage. Go see!

And in the last week, we've had a poll show up on Facebook that presented the question "Should Obama Be Killed?" and Newsmax post an op-ed speculating on the viability of a military coup in order to cope with the "Obama Problem." I really think it's time to put to rest the tired old trope that there's some sort of equivalency between the "far left" and the "far right." There isn't.

It's not Friday yet, is it?

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