Thursday, August 28, 2008

Did he have a lobotomy?

I'm planning to watch Obama's speech tonight in real time, as opposed to how I have been observing the rest of this convention. Like Mike, all this hoo-haw is reminding me of the Olympics and I'm pageantry-ed out. Nevertheless, I am indeed excited about our historic candidate and I look forward to seeing him work his rhetorical juju from atop Mount Olympus the podium at Mile High Stadium.

Then, of course, it's on to the next chew toy for us political addicts to gnaw on which is speculating about who that doddering old fossil McCain will pick as his running mate. Some seem to think it might be Joe Lieberman which would certainly be amusing. Best quote:
but David seems genuinely oblivious to the fact that Lieberman is now seen as George Bush without the intellectual complexity.
Heh. "Intellectual complexity" indeed. Others seem to think it might be Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Which would be not amusing at all. Unless we can manage to whip up a media narrative about a behind-the-scenes cat fight between Cindy 'n' Kay. Whee! Good times!

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Mike Thomas said...

I was a little worried the other day when I saw this. But then I realized that she is still nominally pro-choice and so I’m not as concerned.
I think Romney would be the best match for McCain. Both super rich. Both have flip-flopped like crazy on their past positions.
Or then there’s that guy Tim Pawlenty who nobody outside Minnesota has ever heard of.
And then there is Holy Joe. Wow. What great choices.