Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday morning

Above: Jeannette is in the midst of her final 6-month stint in the south of France and sent some pix of her latest work, which seems a fine way to start off a Monday post.

But, moving right along, how else to brighten up one's Monday than to make fun of John McTruthy and the wingnuts who love him. To begin with, I understand there was some kind of churchy thing over the weekend during which McPious told an adoring crowd this:
Q: At what point is a baby entitled to human rights?

A: At the moment of conception.
To which my immediate response was: Too bad Republicans seem to think that such entitlement ends at birth. More on the event from Blue Texan in a deliciously-titled post ("McCain's Bushlike Moral Infantilism") here. Maha too of course. And Tbogg is in fine form with these two back-to-back posts on Senator McIntegrity. All in all, I'd say the old guy got a pretty right good and well-deserved thumping in the blogosphere (albeit not, of course, in the MSM) for his smarmy performance. As for Obama, what the heck. I sort of wish he didn't feel the need to pander to these folks but if he does, he does and he might as well do a decent job of it which, by most accounts he seems to have done. Whatever.

In other news, the rascals over at SadlyNo have been having a whale of a time making fun of one Amy Alkon and this post has to be the pinnacle of that effort, and the comment thread had me busting a gut this morning. I'm still recovering.


capmconnundrum said...

The trouble with the at conception argument, from an evangelical, theological standpoint is that it is proof of a non-merciful god.

The vast majority of fertilized eggs fail to successfully take up residence in the uterus, resulting in pregnancy. This majority is simply swept away in the monthly cycle. So the majority of people, as evangelicals define them, are unable to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, because they do not live long enough to get ears.

This means that Jehovah knowingly sends the majority of people to the fires of hell without the slimmest hope of being saved. So there you go, proof of a rat-bastard god.

AnnPW said...

Hey Cap, apparently you roused the ire of frothy wingnut jimmyk over at Mike's place. Well done, sir!

capmconnundrum said...

I did? Wha'd I do?

AnnPW said...

Follow the comments to this thread. And enjoy!