Friday, August 1, 2008

Tinfoil Hats

A few posts back, I wrote about how the rightwing uses derisive sneering to diminish supporters of their opponents' issues and candidates. Included in this repertoire of insults is the accusation that we crazy leftist moonbats who accuse the Bush administraton of lying the country into war with Iraq are paranoid "conspiracy theorists." Yeah right. Whatever. As the overwhelming and incontrovertable evidence of flagrant criminality and mendacity pervasive throughout the Bush administration continutes to mount up, such sneers - which never had much bite to begin with - lose even their comic appeal. Yet Congressional Democrats continue to tremble in fear at the prospect of being Swiftboated as "too partisan" apparently if they dare to suggest such a terrible thing as "impeachment" while President Smirkface, having thoroughly kneecapped the country, cruises toward retirement.

UPDATE: And, uh, yeah.


heydave said...

I've been reading about the Civil War of late. Generals for both sides sometimes disguised outright retreat and sacrifice of forts and towns as tactical victories. This brought contempt on their legacies (sometimes short lived, but certainly not always) and great derision from newspapers of the time.

Every time I hear Nancy Pelosi declare "Victory!" I can picture her in Union garb.

AnnPW said...

One of the commenters over at WOC this morning said they saw Pelosi on TV this morning saying that there was no evidence of Bush "crimes" only "differences of opinion." I'm glad I didn't see it - my TV might not have survived.