Friday, August 22, 2008

A parent has bragging rights, dammit

Had a conversation with my Sandy-man last night which I am inspired to relate to you dear blog-readers by a desire to counteract the bad news about Texas found here. Just so you know that we're not ALL assholes, though we sure do seem to have a lot of them on national average. Anyway, here we are, Sandy and I, watching the Olympics and Sandy turns to me and tells me (apropos of what, I really can't say) that he recently had a conversation with his aunt (my ex's older sister) wherein she tried to convince him that gays should not be allowed to adopt because the children would grow up confused about their sexuality. To which my heroic young son responded that since white parents can adopt black kids and he doesn't see that as a problem and why isn't it the same thing, and to which his aunt responded, Well I hope you're right. Wheee! Gold star for Sandy! He then went on to tell me that one of his friends has lesbian parents, "and HE'S okay!" so we went on to talk a little bit about that. God I love that kid.


heydave said...

Good for you both!

capmconnundrum said...

Thanks, Sandy!

Freewheel said...

It's wonderful that he's willing to speak up for what he believes is right and just. I wonder where he gets that from?