Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Courtroom Hijinx

Being called up for jury duty the other day reminded me of this, though I must hasten to add that my experience was in NO WAY similar, thank you very much:


heydave said...

Wowsa, that "doctor" was begging for an ass whoopin'!

Oh, yeah.

BIG time.

AnnPW said...

You know, you gotta wonder how some people whose assholery is just off the scales (and I wonder who else I could be thinking of...) manage to get through life without getting beaten to a pulp on a regular basis. It's a mystery!

heydave said...

Paid security details?


Or, something that I'm not personally hampered by, other people being too nice?

Freewheel said...

That is off the scales. Or at least near the Cheney end of the scale.

Ricky Bones said...

Wow, she was channeling a little Judge Judy in the end. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!