Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Mystery

So Hastert and Lott are jumping ship - big surprise. And for reasons that are also completely in line with the Republican MO. More Republicans extending their middle fingers to the voters who put them in office. Yawn, right? What else is new? Do you suppose said voters might be....beginning to wonder? Yeah, me neither.

UPDATE: As we watch the Texas sharks circle it's worth remembering that Every Kick-In-The-Ass Begins With Kay:
A source close to Hutchison confirmed she was in Washington and was calling senators for support in her bid for the conference chairmanship.

One question Hutchison confronted: How her rise in leadership might be affected by her decision not to seek re-election in 2012 and possibly step down well before then if she runs for governor in 2010.

Interesting though, that while the article helpfully mentions that Mz. Kay "confronted" this question, it says nothing about how she actually answered it.


Mike Thomas said...

What floors me is that they are now saying that Lott's departure will make the Senate Republicans even more rightwing than before - as if that were possible!
Apparently, Jon Kyl of Arizona is supposed to be even more of an ideologue and less of a good ol' boy than Lott was. Sheesh!

heydave said...

The loss of these two brings to mind the image of a bloated, belligerent whale (work with me) being stripped of some particularly foul smelling blubber.