Saturday, November 10, 2007

Intent To Deceive

One question: Do Republicans even know how NOT to lie?

UPDATE: From hilzoy:

So unless we are to believe that all these FEMA staffers found themselves in a room full of FEMA staffers they knew and worked with, and sat down in the chairs where journalists normally sit, and asked the questions that journalists normally ask, all without noticing a thing, I don't see how we can conclude that this is anything other than a deliberately staged fake press conference about which FEMA staffers subsequently lied.

Not that that's anything new; it's just that every so often I think it's important to keep track even of the smaller examples of this administration's mendacity. Because in an administration that had genuinely introduced a "new moral tone" into Washington, as Bush promised to do, people would know that to pull a stunt like this would cost them their jobs whether or not anyone found out about it.


Ricky Bones said...

I was just shacked that they did not have Gannon asking a few hardball questions. We all know what a hard hitting, legitimate reporter he was.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so maybe they were having their own form of a "town hall" meeting like President Bush has. I guess they just didn't get it quite right.

Ricky Bones said...

I meant "shocked" not "shacked" I need to preview these before I publish :-) Happy Monday!

AnnPW said...

Heh, I thought that was some hip new expression the young folks had come up with, "shacked"....I kind of like it! Happy Monday and Veterans' Day to you too Rick!

Ricky Bones said...

Thanks, Ann :-)

heydave said...

I'm shacked, shacked, I say.