Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"True Conservatism"

My gal Maha demonstrates, once again, why we must read her every single day:
There’s a difference between strength and toughness. There’s a difference between courage and swagger. There’s a difference between results and spin. There’s a difference between resolve and stubbornness. There’s a difference between action and ideology. But try to explain any of that to a rightie.

One could go on and on, right? There's a difference between the truth and a lie, but try explaining that to a rightie. There's a difference between science and religion, but try explaining that to a rightie....


Ricky Bones said...

Ask them why they support the conservative positions they do and most don't have an itelligent or reasonable answer. It goes back to their famed argument, "because"

Q: "Why are you pro-life?"

A: "Because....because....it's murder. Because God says so."

Q: "Why not support national healthcare?"

A: "Because!......just because Bush says., 'no'"

Because, a wonderful rebuttal to any tough question.

Mike Thomas said...

What the heck is a "conservative" these days anyway? I sure couldn't say.
I used to think that I was conservative until I realized it required one to be a selfish, greedy, uncaring SOB.
But when did it also require one to put their brain on hold and swear allegiance to a group of deranged lunatics? When did being "conservative" equate to being anti-government, anti-science and anti-education?
I'm afraid the term "conservative" was hijacked by the radical right around the same time that the term "liberal" was mugged by the same cabal. It used to be that if you told someone you are a liberal they would look at look at you like you were on dope. It's gotten a little better today, but not much.

AnnPW said...

I KNOW - I get that look all the time, even when I don't say anything about being a liberal! >;)