Friday, November 2, 2007


Anonymous Liberal has an interesting post up about the electability of the Democratic frontrunners. Any thoughts?


Ricky Bones said...

I worry about any of them right now. The Right will attempt to smear the living crap out them. Forget it if Hillary gets the spot.

You will have freaks preaching doom and gloom and the end times because it's a Clinton! They never give any good solid reason for hating her and Bill, all they can say is look to the Hell of the eight year reign of Bill Clinton.

Hmmm, hell. Yeah, that economic growth was horrible.

But, electability. I think Hillary has it. Too bad it's not legal for Bill to be her running mate :-) Man, talk about pissing the Right off.

heydave said...

Just a quick note: either my eyes are going wonky (a real possibility) or your dark grey on blue type on the sides of this here blog ain't lookin' too good.

Freewheel said...

I think speculating about "electability" is a lost cause. Didn't the Democrats pick Kerry because he was more "electable" than Dean?

And in 2000 (& probably in 2008 as well), McCain was the most "electable" Republican, yet the GOP nominated the village idiot instead. And he's still our president. *moan*