Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who's Deranged? Part 2

I fail to understand why certain groups of people would rather see the Iraqi people under the brutal hand of Saddam than have a country of their own. I also don't understand why these people would rather see Iraq fail and turn into a giant bloodbath than to see it succeed.

You mean Democrats, yes? They want us to fail in Iraq because it would be a political defeat for Bush, a man they hate. They don't care who dies or who gets hurt so long as Bush looks bad. Those are the facts.

Posted by: Bill Crawford | November 01, 2007 at 06:34 PM

Behold, dear readers, two more perfect examples of the wingnut demagogic arsenal. First, The Strawman Puzzle: Can't you just see the hand to the chin, the knitted brow, eyes cast skyward as if in supplication for enlightenment? "I just don't understand...How can it be?"

Then comes The Voice Of Reason, Of Wisdom, Of Teaching: Yes, grasshopper. It is the Way of the Democrats. "Those are the.....facts."

In truth, I would like to feel some kind of pity for the poor fools that wrote the quoted passage above, because I'm certain there's a seed of a kind heart to be found in there, somewhere. But all I have to do is remember how eagerly they have enabled the Bush administration in all of its worst excesses - war, torture, lawbreaking, more war - and my pity just goes out the window. Fuck them. And pass the Prozac.


Mike Thomas said...

I was afraid for a minute there that you had brought Bill over as a guest commenter.

All I can say is that it is really depressing trying to have a dialogue with someone who holds you in such contempt. I don't miss it a bit.

Ricky Bones said...

So, is Bill that blinded by his hatred that he can only see black and white?

I hate to be this calloused, but actually people percentage wise were better off under Saddam. He was ruthless and a tyrant, but there are WAY worse oppressive regimes out there. Look to our frinds in China, The Taliban before 9/11, Myanmar, several African countries.

If tyranny WAS the actual premise of teh invasion of Iraq, then maybe that argument would hold water. Sadly, the premise of the war is shifting around more than a high school kid having the sex talk with his/her parents.

SO, does this mean that Cheney is a "defeatist" -

Kinda prophetic?

AnnPW said...

That is true Mike and I don't miss it either, I thought I would. (Heh - Bill as a "guest commenter" - I don't THINK SO!)Rick, I don't think Bill is blinded by "hatred." He really seems to be a fairly good-hearted person, just a bit thick. See my upcoming post "Who's Deranged? Part 3" for further analysis....

Ricky Bones said...

Look forward to it! :-)

Mike Thomas said...

It looks like wingnuts are starting to lose it all over the place.
I can think of a few other people we know who may be suffering from mood-swing disorders.