Monday, November 5, 2007

How do we fix this?

It's the fact that no one seems to find this shocking that's so, well, shocking. I agree with Atrios.

UPDATE: Anonymous Liberal states the obvious, or, er, what SHOULD be the obvious: These were the people who were supposed to be the brakes, not the gas.

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Ricky Bones said...

They all swore an oath, I am sure about upholding the laws according to The Constitution. I could have sworn that even President Bush had to as well.

Hmmmm, weird that none of them did. I know that Yoo and Gonzales had to take Con Law in their first year of law school. They might want to have contacted their old prsofessors before getting so creative and amibiguous with the law to allow torture and illegal eavesdropping and wire-tapping, oh yeah, and rendition by the CIA.

Just a thought!