Friday, November 30, 2007

Jackson Pollock may have called this "Number 1A"...

....but I like to think of it as "The Bush Administration Plan For Iraq" which, of course I realize, gives the BA waaaay too much credit, but I feel like being generous.


Mike Thomas said...

It looks like something my little girl drew. She just turned 2. I was going to say it looked like something my little boy drew (he's 4), but he is better at staying in the lines these days. Heh!
But seriously, I think Bush and Cheney's plan for Iraq was much simpler. Send in the troops, get control of the oil fields and leave everything else to the boys at the Pentagon. Unfortunately, Shock and Awe turned into Shock and Oops!

AnnPW said...

"Shock and Oops" - Heh!

I'm actually a big Jackson Pollock fan and I felt pretty guilty about using his work as a trite cliche like this, but what the hell! I just couldn't help myself!