Friday, November 30, 2007

They also claim that they are morally superior, smarter, and Fox News claims they are "fair and balanced"

All of which calls the conclusions of this study somewhat into question. Seems to me that the factor of objectivity is missing, and would most likely yield a different result. Or, to put it another way, WTF???


Mike Thomas said...

Most of the people in an insane asylum will tell you they are in perfect mental health too.
I think what the survey shows is that Republicans tend to be less inquisitive, less questioning and more certain of their righteousness. They don't question their own judgments. They have no doubts, about their mental health or anything else.

Mike Thomas said...

And by the way, It looks like Otter just called Bill an idiot. Heh!
I guess Otter's reading comprehension isn't all the great, even when Bill uses pictures.

AnnPW said...

OMG that is so funny! Do you suppose either he or Bill will catch on? What a hoot!

I've been prowling around over at Bill's site today and found a few gems from Otter and someone charmingly named "big dan" but I think I'll just save them for a rainy day....

As for your first comment, exactly. Good grief, basic Psych 101 tells you that self-reports are only part of the complete story. Or, what any junior high teacher might say: I can tell how stupid you are by how smart you think you are. (Okay maybe some junior high teachers wouldn't say that!)

heydave said...

Doesn't surprise me at all. Aren't the smug, self-satisfied always sure they're right and you're wrong?

And pondering one's own faults and flaws, or essentially, one's humanity, just gets in the way of self righteousness.

In other words, if you're so fucking sure you're OK, case closed.

capmconnundrum said...

This study may provide some perspective: