Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who, exactly, IS it a country for?

The San Antonio Current interviews the Coen brothers, Kelly MacDonald and Josh Brolin about "No Country For Old Men." Good quote:

Talk about shooting in West Texas. People still think of it like it’s the Wild West.

JB: But it is. West Texas is the part of the country you want to get through as fast as you can when you’re driving east to west, west to east — it really is. I don’t mean it as a total insult. But if you stop there, you get to discover it for what it is: West Texas is a character. We’re afraid of characters like we are character actors; they’re not the leading man you’re going to trust all the time. Characters are characters for a reason, because they’re unpredictable, they change — like the freak weather of West Texas. •


Ricky Bones said...

I am excited to see this flick. Wonder if it will be good.

AnnPW said...

Me too, Rick! I've heard good things about it.

Ricky Bones said...

The previews on Apple trailers looks GOOD.