Monday, November 26, 2007


Welcome back, blogbuddies! Everyone have a good weekend? Anyone have to work (boo!)? Yours truly had a great weekend, thank you very much. Ate a lot, drank a lot, played dominoes, went to see "No Country For Old Men" at the new Alamo Drafthouse down on 6th street. Our friend who has been in Kuwait for the last two years is home and joined us, and it was good to catch up with him. He has been invited to interview for a position he applied for as a librarian at NATO headquarters in Brussels, and will be leaving in early December for that. So, on Black Friday, we bundled into a car and headed over to a nearby Half-Priced Bookstore to browse. After searching unsuccessfully for awhile, he approached a little twenty-something at the help desk and asked where he might find some books about NATO. "NATO,...." she said, apparently thinking quite hard. "How would you spell that?"


heydave said...

I see youth is wasted on the young wherever they live.

Or should I say wher-EV-er!

ON a different note, I didn't set fire to my grill via the turkey per se, but the wood chunks added for smoky goodness did ignite. Happily, I just carried them into the fireplace merely as extra fuel.

AnnPW said...

Greetings, heydave! We tried "smoking" a turkey one year without much success. We stayed quite traditional, food-wise, this year with the exception of my sweet potatoes. I've always believed that adding sugar to sweet potatoes is over-the-top, so I tossed mine with orange juice and grated peel, butter, a little bit of cinnamon, chili powder and chopped poblano peppers, threw some pecans over the whole thing and baked it. Turned out pretty good!

Mike Thomas said...

We have an annual thing we do here called "40 Under 40" in which we honor the rising stars in the business community. We were contacting this year's recipients the other day and one of them wanted to know how many people we select for this honor. Ummmmm, 40?

I got to go to Half Price Books too! I picked up "The Republican War on Science" by Chris Mooney and "Our Endangered Moral Values" by Jimmy Carter. Last year I picked up a copy of Frank Rich's latest book "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" and it was autographed!

Ricky Bones said...

Holy crap those sweet potatos sound REALLY good!!! I am seriously going to try that this week. YUM!

Had a decent one myslelf. I did hassle one of our ideological youth this weekend on Black Friday. I was in Skaneateles, NY this weekend and a kid walked into the fur store with his mom. He had to be about 20 and he was on his iPhone letting us all enjoy his conversation and telling whoever on the other end that he was so tired of misinformed idiots, so he made sure to mention loudly that fur is murder and cruel. I pointed out to him that his designer shoes and gap jacket was equally cruel because they were made in a sweatshop. I also made sure to ask if his moca-latte whatever was free trade coffee. No response.

You have to love the young idealistic crusaders who think they have it all figured out. I wish youth and wisdom were mutual all the time.

Side Note: I myself do not condone fur, but my fiance likes it.

AnnPW said...

Gawd, Mike - and that is one of our "rising stars"? Yikes! We's in trouble...

I picked up Barbara Kingsolver's "Prodigal Summer" and started it. Guess I have to add that to "My Library"!

Hi RickyBones! Hope they turn out well for you, as they did for me. And I sure am glad you're out there giving New York's hooligans something to think about!

I admire people who attempt to be ideologically pure in their consumerism. It's a daunting task. Perhaps if we all do what we can, and then a little bit more, that's the best we can hope for. I buy mostly organic produce, refuse to shop at Wal-Mart, and furs are just, well, not an issue for me!