Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Thing Of Beauty To Behold

No, NOT the GOP YouTube "debates" last night, you ninnies! There has been plenty of erudite commentary on that sorry episode, such as
29 Shorter Entire Right-Wing Blogosphere

Posted at 18:40 by Gavin M.
Republican Post-Debate Wrap-up

Oh my God, the CNN YouTube debate showed the entire country what malignant, bonk-headed wackos we are represents a shockingly outrageous conspiracy by CNN and YouTube not to screen questioners for party loyalty — thus totally unfairly showing the entire country what malignant, bonk-headed wackos we are.

and if you want more of THAT, go here.

No, what has moved me to almost start quoting Shakespeare again is the continuing smack-down by Glenn Greenwald of Joe Klein, Time magazine, and the establishment political media in general. That man has been all over this issue like butter on grits. He deserves an award or something!


Freewheel said...

Let me just say again how happy it makes me that you have a blog. :)

heydave said...

I got a glimpse of the GOP theatrics.
How anyone can claim to admire any of those clown punchers is a mystery to me. Pure, cringing embarrassment of all that was the most positive response I could muster.

AnnPW said...

Thanks freewheel! It's so much more fun than I ever realized.

Heydave, I studiously avoid watching any GOP nonsense on my TV - I only have one, and I'm afraid it might not survive.