Monday, December 31, 2007

All Night Long

Tell automatic Slim, tell razor-totin' Jim, tell butcher knife-totin' Annie (heh), tell fast-talkin' Fannie, we're gonna pitch a ball down to that union hall - We're gonna romp and stomp 'till midnight, gonna bust and fight 'till daylight! We're gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long....all night long.....

Then hope we don't end up here:


Mike Thomas said...

Dang it, Ann! Now I'm going to have to go out and buy Humble Pie's greatest hits. I had been perfectly happy up until this point never having heard "30 Days in the Hole", but now I will be obsessed until I can buy it and add it to my music collection. Thanks a lot!!!!

Seriously, though, I love stumbling on old rock music that I missed growing up. Last year I discovered The Faces for the first time and became passionate about their music for a time.

AnnPW said...

Glad to be of service, Mike and welcome back! It's been too damn quiet around here!