Friday, December 7, 2007

The Sandman

Today is Sandy's birthday and I've been struggling for a couple of weeks now with what to write about Son # 2. Words fall far short of the mark in attempting to describe the young man who dropped into our lives on Pearl Harbor Day fifteen years ago. I could say that he has learned how to keep a secret, I could talk about his love of animals (We live a few blocks from our town's animal shelter and, from the age of 11, Sandy, on his own initiative, volunteered there every summer for three years.), or his incredible wit, which is legendary in these parts. But no, I'm going to fall back on one of Sandy's favorite YouTubes which conveys the essence of Sandy in the most imperfect way possible. Happy Birthday, Sandyman!


Freewheel said...

I hope he has a better trip to Candy Mountain than poor Charlie did!

Best birthday wishes to Sandy!

heydave said...

OK, the was fucking cool!

Although one probably shouldn't speak thusly in front of Young Ones. Or Old Ones, for that matter.

But the polka-themed song got me dancing in my chair, boy howdy!

Hope you and your son both enjoy the day!

heydave said...

and I meant "that" instead of "the"

...but you knew that.

AnnPW said...

Aw thanks guys! And Freewheel, me too! And heydave, of course we did!

capmconnundrum said...

Happy birthday to Sandy.

Here's some more candy goodness:

Click the 'play movie' thingie

AnnPW said...

Thanks, cap - Sandy loved it!