Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vanquishing the Beast, III

I'm quite aware that I may come across as somewhat obsessed - Deranged! - about the perfidy of the Bush administration, but I honestly can't imagine any more appropriate response to them. I have been struggling over the last several days with how to write about the latest flurry of horrible revelations regarding torture, rape, murder and, of course, frenetic cover-up and Congressional enabling of all of the above. Then I wander over to Bill's place to see what his latest idiocy is (surely, for the sake of my mental, cardiological and gastroenterological health I am going to have to quit doing that...eventually) and, lo and behold, there he is telling his readers that:
Since waterboarding works, any debate over whether to use it is just ridiculous in my mind.
That's right, Just Ridiculous! Now I ask you, is there anything in the world that is more galling than having Mr. Liberals-Have-No-Honor, Mr. ValuesVoter, Mr. Conservatives-Are-So-Much-More-Moral-Than-Liberals tell us how "ridiculous" it is to debate the sanctioned practice of waterboarding, i.e. TORTURE, by our own agents acting in our name? Well, is there? Okay, don't answer that because I'm sure there is and my stomach can't take it. So, since I am Barred For Life from ever leaving any comments over at Bill's place (yeah, that's probably a Good Thing) my response to Bill's supercilious and pathologically ignorant assertion that "Torture Works!" is here and it includes this:
"In the long debate over torture, the disappearance of these tapes is the strongest indication yet that the Bush administration knew its approved interrogation methods were illegal. Officials could draw up secretly legal justifications for these tactics, but they knew the court of public opinion and international law would never sanction them."
which is what led to the title of this post. Seriously now, if we allow these bastards to finish out their terms and ride off into the sunset to build their libraries and get rich(er) on the wingnut speakers' circuit, then we will all have blood on our hands.


Mike Thomas said...

Morally repugnant imbeciles.
I'll have more to say later when I get caught up from being off yesterday, but that is the first thing that jumps to mind.

AnnPW said...

"Imbeciles" - I love that word. And it is so apt!