Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tom Burka

gives us Opinions You Should Have.


Ricky Bones said...

All I got is WTF???!!!

And, many knuckle-draggers will buy into that excuse, without even scratching the surface to se if it's true or not!


AnnPW said...

Heh, Ricky - go back and read some more of Mr. Burka's posts. They're parody, and really funny. But I don't blame you at all for taking him seriously - I can't count the times that I've read something by Bill or some other wingnut and thought that there is no way any intentional parody could be any funnier. They out-parody themselves in reality! What a crazy world we're in, right?

Ricky Bones said...

Oh, OK. I was glancing through while at work and I was like WHAT???

I will defeinitely go back and check it out :-) I guess this is like the time I found HREF="http://www.landoverbaptist.org/">Landover Baptist That was a shock until I realized it was a parody :-)