Monday, December 3, 2007

Are they really?

Something about the lede to this story caught my eye, I wonder what it was....
Jeb Bush, Worse than Neil?
by emptywheel

Via Atrios, people are beginning to wonder whether Jeb Bush was responsible for approving Florida's purchase of a hefty chunk of the shitpile when he was Governor.


heydave said...

Makes one want to say "Sadly, no" they're probably not talking about you. :(

AnnPW said...


Another fantasy shattered!

Ricky Bones said...

No, George is!

He and his crew pushing for another war, this time with Iran and warning of the nukes they are developing, yet the U.S. Intelligence leaked that Iran stopped their nuke program in 2003.

Start a war with a country under the premise of stopping a nuclear threat, KNOWING that they are not one. Hmmmmmm.

I would say that should get you an all access laminate to run around in hell with.