Monday, March 24, 2008

I do not hate Hillary Clinton.

Quite the contrary - I like her a lot. I think she is smart and very capable, and would be an infinitely better President than John McCain, hands down. But this is the sort of thing that contributes to my certainty that she is not who I would prefer. As much as I would love to have a woman President, Hillary's being a woman is not enough of a characteristic to overcome the fact that there seem to be some important things that she just does not get. Furthermore, I think Barack Obama has the potential for being an outstanding President of historic proportions. I would really, really like for Hillary to step down, and soon, though I think I understand how hard this would be for her to do. I'm concerned about the money and energy being wasted on this inter-Party squabbling, when we are going to need every bit of it for the general fight against McCain. (UPDATE: considering crap like this.) I very much want to see her as not the power-hungry lunatic that her detractors make her out to be, but as the smart and gracious politician who understands the need to put Party objectives above personal gratification that I've always believed her to be. I hope she won't disappoint.

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vizavis said...

I still would like to have her win but I agree about Hillary's need to make an honorable concession at this stage of the race. When I consider what a fantastic adventure this presidential race has been this far, the only thing that would be anticlimatic is if a division within the party provided a win for McCain. Surely, she will concede soon.