Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things To Read While You're Waiting on "Hold"

Have you ever been on hold so long you forgot who you were calling and why? You haven't? Oh, okay then. Never mind.

If you're on hold for someone like your insurance adjuster, you can work yourself up into a frothy blithering rage by reading about wingnuts from that old, reliable outrage-stoker, Glenn Greenwald who has been on a fabulous tear lately about our so-called "liberal" media. Great stuff here, here and here. Especially don't miss this link which appears in UPDATE II of that second post, and shows an ad that was taken out in the NY Times in opposition to the military invasion of Iraq in September of '02. If that doesn't get you to snarl like Dick Cheney when whoever you're waiting for comes back on the line, then by all means read this and this and this which ought to do the trick.

On a less infuriating note, have you been following the exploits of P.Z. Myers who got expelled from "Expelled"? It's a great story which you can read about over at his blog Pharyngula and where I found this overview of that Creationist drivel. Hilarious, I highly recommend it.

Amanda has written a really thoughtful post about harrassment and bullying.

And, finally, Jill over at Feministe pointed us to this which I think I'm going to have to send to my son who has this idea that feminists are all raving lunatics like his mom:


heydave said...

Snow this morning; happy fucking Spring.

I'm going to put a note on my mirror that says "this is what a pissed off anarchist looks like."

But really, Happy Spring!

AnnPW said...

Backatcha, you little ray of sunshine, you! >;)

vizavis said...

Ever read The Descent of Woman by Elaine Morgan? Just curious since we seem to have lived oddly parallel lives in the space/time continuum.

AnnPW said...

No I haven't Pam, but thanks so much for the recommendation! I will pick it up at my first opportunity.