Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,

To dday at Hullabaloo who ended this fine post with this (emphasis mine):
That issue looks to be in a stalemate for now. What is far more revealing in this story is how utterly shameless this crew, which should have a restraining order barring them from coming within 100 yards of Washington, has always been. A responsible media would be churning out story after story about the breathtaking state of lawlessness inside the White House, viewing it in historical context and talking about the pall they've cast over our nation. As it is, everybody wants to forget it. But that would be a crucial mistake. There should be no binding up of wounds and moving on for the sake of the nation. In fact, for the sake of the nation we must do just the opposite: have a full recounting of the facts and a full prison cell for everyone who participated in this wreck.

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vizavis said...

Here is an NPR story about a Super Patriot. Takes a few minutes to listen to it. Touched me profoundly. Lest we forget the greatest crimes of this Republican adminsistration include the deaths of men and women like Shawn.