Monday, March 3, 2008

Still here, just barely!

As I pull myself back from the brink of death, it has taken me quite awhile to catch up on my email and perusals of the daily news. While I'm trying to figure out which travesty to write about - Hageegate? telecom immunity? WaPo misogyny? - I thought I would share one delightful email someone sent me, and while I can't reprint it here on my blog, I did check it out at Snopes here for your edification. Tip #4 might be my favorite. Barbara O'Brien over at Majablog likes to remind us that this is precisely the kind of thing that the 60's were a reaction to. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to tomorrow night and attending my first ever caucus! Good times! (cough, hack, cough....)


heydave said...

If you're still in a communicable stage, may I suggest attending the McMaverick event?

Seriously, get better.

AnnPW said...

Heydave, you do have the most delightfully fiendish mind! I'm afraid I am, in fact, no longer contagious, but even if I were, I think such activity would make me feel worse than anything I could inflict on anyone else. Keep those tips comin' though - Democrats need more thinkers like you!

Mike Thomas said...

Sorry that you've been under the weather, Ann.
I'll certainly be glad when this primary is over too, especially now that Hillary seems to have morphed into John McCain. And just how has that made her MORE attractive to voters in Ohio? It is all very depressing.

AnnPW said...

Thanks Mike - Add to the mix the fact that various wingnut tools (e.g. Limbaugh) appear to be instructing their minions to "pimp themselves" and vote for whichever Democratic candidate they think will be "easier to beat" in the fall. November can. not. get. here. soon. enough!

heydave said...

"I feel your pain," said Bill.

Actually, I do. Just so damn glad that Iowa got its own little media blitz out of the way early.

Freewheel said...

Hope you're doing better - you don't want to miss caucus night!

For those who are not caucus-goers and not on the brink of death, I propose a drinking game: Drink everytime a pundit talks about "Hillary's last stand" and the "Alamo."