Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Responsible Plan

On this day which is being commemorated as the fifth anniversary of the day we blundered into Iraq, I have never been more proud to be a Democrat. Not only do our two fine candidates for President both far outshine anything that the broken Republican brand has put forth, but representatives of our Party have put together a plan that is sweeping and intelligent, and a stark contrast to the mendacious tomfoolery that the Republicans and the Bush administration have been peddling these last 5 years. I urge you to go read it and sign on your support. It is the perfect way to mark this infamous day.

UPDATE: Good reading, appropriate for today.

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vizavis said...

I began to see this war and the reality of what has transpired in a different light after a conversation with a veteran of 2 tours of duty in Iraq. I respect this fine man immensely and happen to have the good pleasure of teaching his children. Several teachers in my classroom talked with him a few days after he returned home from his last tour and he very candidly said " ...our president is not in his right mind. After the "mission accomplished" statement what possible reason is there for remaining? These people are "hindered" by the continued presence of American troops and when is all is said and done they MUST be allowed to fight it out as to what they will become. Our efforts to make them into a "little america" cannot succeed. They are not now, nor will they ever be, inclined to a government based on western democracy." (paraphrased somewhat)

We cannot change centuries of Iraqi history nor should we want to. Bush feels that other people's children are expendable for a ridiculous cause. There is no winning side if your child is dead. Nuff said.

AnnPW said...

Very well put Pam - thanks!